Posted on 2023-11-05
Aggie Matyjaszek Aggie Matyjaszek

The giants- Creation

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This piece is based on a photograph from the artist adventure underground to one of the most beautiful cave in the Peak District ‘The Giant’.
The artist worked slowly applying layers of paint and creating the wonderful abstract rocks and reflections from the head touches. The artist not only represents her adventurous nature and beauty of underground world but also with her gesture and title she makes connection to the Bible and one of the finniest Renaissance art. In her opinion God must have taken another day to create the beautiful caves, most amazing rock formation and other creations that happened over thousands of years. The abstract forms the organic shapes and endless patters fascinates and inspires the artist to learn new skills which will allow her to go even deeper to the earth and discover more wonders worth her time in the studio.


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  • Realistic and photographic


  • Nature


Aggie Matyjaszek

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