Posted on 2024-02-05
samantha biddle samantha biddle

Great Britain in Doodles - Limited edition canvas print

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Great Britain in Doodles" is a digital art masterpiece representing the UK, including Northern Ireland, in an intricate doodle style. This artwork, spanning 9 months of creation, is a personal journey across Britain's iconic landmarks and traditions. Designed on an iPad during the artist's global travels, it narrates stories from various British regions, each area depicted with hidden images of their traditional landmarks like the Angel of the North, Stonehenge, and the Welsh dragon. The artwork, ideally displayed in large sizes, is more than a visual piece; it's a story of companionship and creativity during the artist's travels, making it a unique addition to any collection.

It has been created on my iPad using a program called procreate, just like pen and ink, with my apple pencil I was as able to zoom in and create even more detail then you ever cool on paper, allowing me to hide a host of goodies in the lines. Only 50 will be produced in this size.


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