Posted on 2023-02-22
Jeanette Faulknerclarke Jeanette Faulknerclarke
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“October Blast” ( St Luke’s little Summer)

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The title of this piece signifies the last flowers still hanging on before the Autumn puts the the Summer to her flight. In years gone by, rural farmers used to call the near end of October “St Luke’s little Summer”as there always seemed to be a short window of fine weather around St Luke’s day in October.
This enabled them to gather in the last of the harvest and make the most of the good weather before the start of the Winter gales.
A bright colourful loose painting of flowers in deep golds , greens and purple with detailed speckled branches and leaves in the abstracted background. These rich Autumnal colours are reminiscent of a golden Autumn


  • Paper


W34” x L26” x D 2”. 86cm x 66cm x5cm


  • Expressionistic


  • Flowers and Plants


Jeanette Faulknerclarke

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