Posted on 2024-01-31
Rhia Janta-Cooper Rhia Janta-Cooper

Kaimana Beach Waikiki

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Kaimana Beach Waikiki is an original mixed-media artwork.
Materials: archival Clairefontaine pastelmat, a premium card (360gsm), coloured pencils, acrylics, and fixative by Winsor & Newton
Style: Realistic
Size: 32 x 24 cm; the image itself is 30 x 22 cm, leaving a margin around the artwork, making it easier to mount and frame in the future.
The artwork is not framed.
The images showing this piece in a room are only examples of how the drawing may look in a frame and on a wall.

The moment my eyes met the golden sands and crystal-clear waters of Kaimana Beach Waikiki, I knew it would be an unforgettable day. The warm Hawaiian sun shone brightly, casting a stunning glow on everything around me. The turquoise colour of the ocean and the pinkish, yellowish clouds in the sky took my breath away. At that moment, I knew I had to capture this beauty on paper, so I pulled out my sketchbook and started to draw.

I spent hours sitting on the beach, sketching the surf lifesaver tower, the surfboard, the tiny bird, and the person sitting in the tower's shade. I wanted to make sure that every detail was just right. Once I had the basic sketch, I returned to my apartment in Honolulu to work on the final artwork.

I chose to use a mixed-media approach to bring the scene to life. I started with archival Clairefontaine pastelmat, which would hold up well over time. Next, I used coloured pencils to add detail and texture to the scene. I used acrylics to create the ocean, carefully blending different colours to create the perfect shades of turquoise.

Once the painting was complete, I sprayed it with fixative by Winsor & Newton to protect it from smudging and fading. The final result is a beautiful, realistic artwork that captures the essence of Kaimana Beach Waikiki.

The artwork is not framed, but I know it would look stunning in the right frame. I used software to paste the artwork in different frames and on various walls to give potential buyers an idea of how it would look in their homes.

Creating Kaimana Beach Waikiki was a labour of love, and I'm proud to have captured such a beautiful scene on paper. It's a reminder of the beauty of Hawaii and the joy of creating something enchanting with my own hands.


  • Card


W 32 x H 24 x D 0.1 cm


  • Classical and traditional


  • Landscapes & Sea and Sky