Posted on 2024-04-17
Juliet Faldin Juliet Faldin

Moments of Clarity

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This piece is a visual exploration of the human struggle with inner and outer challenges that loom larger than life. The fiery red backdrop symbolises the intense emotional landscape within us, while the vibrant yellow splashes capture those flashes of insight or realisation that punctuate our daily lives—during mundane moments like waiting in line for coffee or amid the rush of work.

The interplay of colours speaks to our personal battles with our own limitations and imperfections, mirroring the difficulty of releasing ingrained judgments and embracing forgiveness. The painting's raw, kinetic energy reflects the turmoil of confronting our shadows, the internal critics that echo in our self-perceptions and outward attitudes.

More than just an abstract expression, this artwork serves as a reminder of the continuous effort required to maintain compassion and decency in the face of adversity. It is a call to conscious living, urging us to persist in being kind and forgiving, not only to others but also to ourselves, as we navigate the complexities of our nature.

The bold strokes and explosive colours are a testament to the strength and constant vigilance needed to rise above our own doubts and to seek grace in our human experience.


  • Canvas


W 11.81" x H 15.7" x D 1.18"— W 30cm x H 40cm x D 3cm


  • Abstract


  • Abstract


Juliet Faldin

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