Posted on 2024-04-17
Juliet Faldin Juliet Faldin


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Inspired by the "Women in Revolt" exhibition at Tate Britain, this painting reflects my turmoil upon realising how recently women lacked freedoms we now consider basic, like access to birth control. These rights were hard-won through protests and sacrifices.
Yet, I dreamt that all these hard-fought gains evaporated like mist, highlighting the paradox of progress amidst the resurgence of sexism.

It feels as if our daily efforts to combat this are as fleeting as smoke, overshadowed by a growing tide of challenges. This piece captures the delicate balance between being assertively vocal and the fear of dismissal in our ongoing struggle for equality.

The artwork was featured in the exhibition at the Boomer Gallery, London.


  • Board


W 11.81" x H 17.71" x D 0.39" — W 30cm x H 45cm x D 1cm


  • Abstract


  • Abstract


Juliet Faldin

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