Posted on 2024-04-17
Juliet Faldin Juliet Faldin


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The artwork is an exploration of the relentless cycle of human violence, depicted through a striking contrast of colours and textures. The expansive white swath, with its heavy, textured strokes, symbolises our attempts to cover up the aftermath of our actions, akin to a fresh coat of paint in a space marred by tragedy, preparing it for new life while erasing the signs of what has come before.

The vibrant red splatters against the spirited green suggest the raw, visceral energy of conflict, echoing the turmoil and chaos that ensue from humanity’s darker impulses. The soft pink circle, etched with intricate lines, stands amidst this as a silent witness, a sun-like emblem of the potential for calm and contemplation in the midst of strife.

This piece is a stark reminder of the continuous wars and acts of aggression that have plagued our history. It poses a challenge to the viewer, urging us to confront the deep-seated devaluation of life inherent in our history of conflict. It calls for a collective awakening, to cease the whitewashing of our transgressions and to confront the causes of this cycle head-on.

It's a visual demand to address the reasons behind our propensity for violence and to seek a path to end it, emphasising the urgency of this introspection for the sake of humanity's future.


  • Canvas


W 35.43" x H 47.24" x D 0.78" — W 90cm x H 120cm x D 2cm


  • Abstract


  • Abstract


Juliet Faldin

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