Posted on 2024-04-17
Juliet Faldin Juliet Faldin

The wounds we weave

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The artwork embodies the dichotomy of a world marked by natural beauty and human-inflicted strife. Lush greens and yellows swirl across the canvas, representing the earth’s vitality, abruptly divided by a stark red zigzag—a metaphor for war, destruction, and ecological harm. This deep gash signifies an unhealable wound, a testament to the enduring pain left by human conflict and negligence.

Yet, amidst this portrayal of damage, white patterns emerge within the red, suggesting life’s resilience and the birth of new experiences that grow around, but never erase, past traumas. It reflects the relentless force of life that promises the possibility of a kinder future, larger than the horrors that precede it. This piece is a call to remember and to rise, acknowledging that while the past scars us, the future holds an unwavering potential for goodness.


  • Canvas


W 47.24" x H 35.43" x D 0.78" —W 120cm x H 90cm x D 2cm


  • Abstract


  • Abstract


Juliet Faldin

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