Posted on 2024-04-02
Juliet Faldin Juliet Faldin

Grow an Eye

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Drawing inspiration from Paul Lynch's "Prophet Song," this artwork reflects on the book's message about the importance of staying informed and resisting the comfort of ignorance. The narrative emphasizes the diligence required to remain connected with global events rather than succumbing to the ease of unawareness.

One particular quote resonates deeply with me, both as a Ukrainian, whose homeland is currently engulfed in conflict, and as an expatriate living in London, distant from the recent turmoil in the Middle East:

"The world is always ending over and over again in one place but not another, and the end of the world is always a local event. It comes to your country, visits your town, knocks on the door of your house, and becomes, to others, but a distant warning, a brief report on the news, an echo of events that has passed into folklore."

This passage captures the stark contrast between experiencing a crisis firsthand and hearing about it from afar, highlighting the uneven distribution of empathy and attention across the globe.

"Grow an Eye" is a visual exploration of this disparity, aiming to bridge the gap between the immediacy of personal experience and the detachment often felt by those observing from a distance. This piece is intimately tied to the darkness I've envisioned in my dreams about Ukraine—tales of horror and distress from my homeland shape its essence. In these visions, Ukraine morphs into a cloud of darkness, engulfed by the red smoke of raging fires, symbolizing the anguish and turmoil endured.

Through this artwork, I aspire to narrow the emotional distance that often separates us from the stark realities of others, encouraging a deeper, more empathetic engagement with global events.

The peace was featured at the Art show "Dreams & Nightmares" in Boomer Gallery, London.


  • Canvas


W 23.62" x H 31.5" x D 0.8" — W 60cm x H 80cm x D 2cm


  • Conceptual


  • Abstract


Juliet Faldin

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