Artistic background

Juliet, originally from Ukraine, has dedicated the last eight years to developing her skills in design and art direction. Her journey has taken her across the globe, during which she has had the opportunity to work with respected entities like National Geographic, BMW, and Sennheiser. The past two years in London have been particularly enriching, allowing her to expand into new areas such as cinematography and fine arts, with further studies at institutions like UCLA and UAL.

Her art, which explores the interplay of abstract and expressive styles, delves into personal and universal themes ranging from feminism and politics to the intricacies of human relationships. These subjects are close to her heart and reflect her path of continuous learning and self-discovery.

Art shows:
April 12–17th, London, Boomer Gallery
May 10–19th, London, The Holy Art Gallery
May 28th – June 2nd, London, Espacio Gallery


Design, art history, cinematography, symbolism, political theory, society and culture

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