Posted on 2022-11-21
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Tribute to Monika Buch- Triptych

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This entire piece is composed of approximately 10,000 used postage stamps. The picture is created on three quality deep edge canvases. The left and right images are square and the central image is presented as a diamond. Each canvas measures 92cm x 92cm. The stamp colours are not altered and post marks are still visible on close observation. It is not framed and should not be displayed in direct sunlight although all canvases are varnished twice and have a coat of U.V. protection.
Monika Buch was born in Spain in 1936 where its bright Mediterranean colours influenced her style as an artist. This piece of work on three canvasses was inspired by her awareness of optical differentiation where the eye is confused. Moving from a floating cube on a background to floating squares as ends of diagonally opposed long bars.
The canvases also share a surreal fantasy of solid and transparent movement, the eye recognising blocks of colour escaping the confines of the edges of the canvas in one view. Whereas on blinking the shape becomes hollow with a butterfly floating in and out of it. A further hollow on the third canvas hides purple Wilding stamps.


  • Canvas


276cm x 92cm x 4 cm


  • Abstract


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